Blufrog Studios :: About Brand Development

We help brands identify and emotionally connect with their customers.

The driving force in our process is to create a brand's personality, a personality that differentiates our client's brands from other same-space brands, and one that consumers can identify and emotionally connect with. We do this strategically, creatively and with pure imagination.

Our passion for helping our client's grow their companies and their brands is what we do best. We do this with a select group of very talented people who have the expertise to develop fully integrated marketing campaigns and branding concepts. Concepts specific for multiple business-to-consumer or business-to-business touch points, all driven by powerful creative ideas and flawless execution in every stage of our branding process.

NURSE SOURCE, a recruitment resource within the health care space asked Blufrog Studios to redesign their brand and position them as a dynamic company whose first concern and priority is the well being of their team members. We created a noble promise statement along with a memorable identity incorporated on all company marketing materials.

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