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Brands solve problems and inspire. What matters most is how they tell their story.

One of the most important strategies in branding is how a brand's story is told, unlike any other brand element it allows a brand to connect with their customers on an emotional level. In today's world of digital media, social networks are a very powerful medium to tell the world a brand's story.

What makes a brand stand out from their same-space competitors? It can be a number of different strategies that companies engage in to distance their brands. For some, it's their commitment to cutting edge design, for others it's their unrelenting high standards of customer service. It might even be based on a brand's ethics, personality or attitude, No matter what their brand story is, successful brands have the vision to tell their story in a simple, relevant and engaging way.

BMH-BJ SYNAGOGUE organized a Torah study group they coined "Bookmark". The study group's intent is to teach the authoritative knowledge throughout Jewish history. They asked Blufrog Studios to design an identity for the group to help promote new membership within their congregation. We designed an identity integrating the familar digital bookmark symbol.

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