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We integrate strategy with creativity to build relevant and engaging ideas.

We create strategic parts that act partly strategic. Meaning, the brand promise, the brand attributes and the brand personality transform our strategic objectives into memorable ideas that are relevant, relatable and engaging every time the customer touches the brand.

As a strategic branding and creative development agency, our services span the entire branding and development scope, from initial research through implementation. We help brands become more relevant, and positioned for their future success by utilizing a three-part process. First, we define the overall strategy. Then, we build all working components that will accomplish our strategic goals and objectives. Finally, we go live and engage the marketplace.

RUSHTON TREE SERVICE has been successful building their brand by word-of-mouth since 1984. When they asked Blufrog Studios to develope a brand identity and create their new website, we knew the most effective direction was to build on their existing model. The company has significantly increased their customer base resulting in more referrals.

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