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We engage our client's customers with a consistent and memorable brand story.

A consistent and memorable story that expresses why a brand truly matters in ways that resonate with meaning attracts passionate customers. When designed to continuously delight an audience and remind them why they were attracted to the brand in the first place, it remains relevant for the long run. And, since a brand is what the customer says it is, delight them you must.

Consistency in conveying a brand's essence, differences, and authentic nature at every touch point achieves the ultimate goal, customer loyalty. Unwavering brand durability reinforces the customer's expectations of what a brand is all about. When a customer's experiences and expectations are met they will have perceived the brand as being relevant, meaningful and sustainable.

twin parish logo

Every year we select a pro-bono project for a non-profit group that's providing a great community service. TPFB asked Blufrog Studios to create a new identity showing the unification of two participating parishes.

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